The Real Deal: Restaurant reservation app pays you to dine out in NYC

Seated is the app that pays you to dine out in New York City and Boston.

May 5, 2023, 11:07 AM

Updated 350 days ago


Connecticut residents traveling to NYC can now be rewarded for dining out in the city. Bo Peabody, the Co-Founder of the Seated app says customers can earn cashback rewards for using the app to make a reservation at restaurants. "Seated essentially allows restaurants to offer the consumer a cashback reward, depending on when they come, so if I come on Monday night I am going to get a larger cashback reward than if I come on a Saturday," Peabody says. Eating out can add up - but subtracting a percentage of the bill might make it a little easier to dine out. Peabody says the app is beneficial for both the restaurant and the customer because it promotes businesses and rewards customers. The app is easy to use and free to sign up. Start by either making a reservation or finding a participating restaurant. The app shows you what percentage you will get back by eating at that restaurant. When you're done eating, simply upload a picture of your receipt at the end of the meal Seated users can then decide which rewards they want. "You can decide, you can do Amazon, Uber, a lot of people will throw it into their Amazon account, a lot of people save up and then buy a plane ticket. Airbnb, people love to use it for Airbnb," Peabody says. Seated is also available in Dallas, Boston, and Atlanta.

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