Town of Redding, homeowner at odds over goat issue

More than a dozen goats at a home in the town of Redding are kicking up trouble between town officials, the homeowner and neighbors.
Nancy Burton lives on Cross Highway and is allowed nine goats on her property, but has dozens more.
Neighbors and town officials say the goats have become an ongoing public health and safety concern. The goats are allowed to roam freely on her property and also go onto neighboring property to eat and deficate.
Some concerns include the well-being of the goats and whether or not they are being properly cared for. One of the goats was recently hit by a car and died.
Town officials say Burton has filed several lawsuits against them. Burton claims she has asked the town to help her get rid of the goats, but they have denied her requests.
"I wish that the town would follow up on my requests, numerous requests to have a public meeting at the town hall, which would be informational because there's a great deal of misinformation that people are circulating," says Burton.
Redding Selectman Michael Thompson emailed a statement saying, "The town is taking all necessary legal action to enforce compliance with its zoning regulations. 
Thompson says he hopes the courts will rule on several pending matters to resolve this problem.