Wilton man returns after assisting dozens of Ukrainian refugees fleeing war-torn country

A Wilton man who spearheaded a humanitarian effort to relocate dozens of refugees from war-torn Ukraine has returned to Connecticut.
Local tech entrepreneur Sean Lentner says it's one thing to watch the crisis in Ukraine on the news, but it was a real eye opener for him to be on the ground in Romania helping people get out of what is called the red zone in Ukraine.
Lentner, who's from Wilton, just back from Romania and is sharing some stories, videos, and images of Ukrainian refugees he's been helping get to safety.
Lentner raised thousands of dollars to get people transportation to various points of safety throughout Europe.
In one case, he says he helped a woman get to a hospital in France to get chemotherapy for her stage-four cancer after she fled Russian troops invading her home.
The IT executive whose mom is from Eastern Europe says he has never seen anything like it.
Lenter says he is now working with the Argentinian Embassy to get a group of Ukrainian children to safety.
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