Wilton police: Dad called 911 after he saw son kill neighbor, drag body to garage

Sebastian Andrews, 31, was arraigned on a murder charge in Stamford Superior Court Wednesday afternoon.

Marissa Alter

Mar 22, 2023, 2:30 PM

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A Wilton man called 911 after seeing his son stab their neighbor in the victim’s driveway, then drag the man’s body into the garage, according to Wilton police.
Sebastian Andrews, 31, was arraigned on a murder charge in Stamford Superior Court Wednesday afternoon. Andrews, of Indian Hill Road, is accused of killing Arinzechukwu Ukachukwu, 39, who lived on Partrick Lane. The two properties butt up to each other.
Police said they responded to Ukachukwu’s home after Andrews’ dad called 911 around 11:15 a.m. Tuesday. There, they found Ukachukwu already dead with multiple stab wounds to his hands and back, said police.
According to Andrews’ arrest warrant, his father told police that, “he was preparing coffee while looking out the kitchen or sliding door window when he saw his youngest son, Sebastian Andrews, stabbing the victim. He further stated he then saw his son Sebastian Andrews drag the victim into the garage.”
Andrews wasn’t at the scene anymore, so officers responded to his home, set up a perimeter, and within a short period of time, Andrews came out without issue, police said. In his warrant, they noted Andrews had showered and looked like he’d been in a fight. “Sebastian Andrews had bandaids on his chin, cheek, forehead, palm of right hand, index finger and left thumb, and fresh scratches on the right side of his head, above his ear,” the warrant said. When an officer initially detained him, Andrews allegedly stated, “it was self-defense.”
During his arraignment, Andrews appeared virtually and fidgeted during the hearing.
“Mr. Andrews made inculpatory statements,” Stamford/Norwalk State’s Attorney Paul Ferencek told the judge as he argued to keep the initial bond of $1 million. “It's an unprovoked attack on a next-door neighbor. There seems to be some kind of psychological issue involved in the case.”
In an interview with police, Andrews said he went over to see his neighbor to get a tool and because he’d found his neighbor “trespassing on his property several times, specifically in his attic,” his warrant said.
“Through our investigation, there's no indication that has substantiated that belief,” Deputy Police Chief Robert Cipolla told News 12.
Andrews stated that Ukachukwu looked at him “with eyes that looked insane” and took him to the garage, the warrant said. Andrews further claimed Ukachukwu “was about to hit him with something” so Andrews attacked him with a knife, according to the warrant.
“Through our investigation, there is no provocation from the victim that we've unveiled that would've led to such a violent attack,” Cipolla stated.
In court, defense attorney Kevin Black said Andrews has no prior record, drug or alcohol treatment, or psychiatric treatment. Black asked the judge to reduce bond.
In response, Judge Kevin Randolph read aloud from the warrant. “When the affiant, the officer arrived, there was a blood trail approximately two feet wide and 15 feet long in the driveway,” Randolph said before doubling the bond to $2 million dollars.
Randolph also ruled that if Andrews can post bond, he will have to wear a GPS ankle monitor and cannot live at home, due to the proximity to the victim’s wife and young child.
Black requested his client receive mental health evaluation and treatment and be put on suicide watch.
Andrews tried to address the court himself at the end of the hearing and said, “May I have the honor of speaking?” Black advised him not to say anything, which Andrews listened to. He’s back in court May 17.
Ukachukwu’s murder is the first in Wilton since 2012. People living in the small town were stunned, especially because of the circumstances.
“Yesterday I heard the police cars running through my street. I was thinking, what happened? But I never expect something like this, what happened, so shocking...beyond my words,” said Maria Zhu, who passes the victim’s home on her regular run.
“In a community like Wilton, we pride ourselves on being a very safe community,” Cipolla told News 12. “I want to commend our officers for their quick and prompt and professional response and being able to bring resolve to this very tragic situation so quickly. We are still a safe community, and it's just a very tragic event. Our condolences go out to the victim’s family.”
Cipolla said Ukachukwu’s wife and young child were not home when he was killed. The family had moved to the neighborhood in the last several months.

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