EXCLUSIVE: Norwalk restaurant workers rescue man from fire

The man was badly burned and taken to Norwalk Hospital. There is no update on his condition.

News 12 Staff

and Mark Sudol

Apr 29, 2024, 10:29 AM

Updated 29 days ago


Two workers at local restaurants are being called heroes for their quick actions to save a man from a fire.
Dave Kuban, who owns Planet Pizza in Norwalk, says his workers and a worker from at Wayback Burger sprang into action Friday night when they saw a fire in the woods along the Norwalk River.
"You could hear the gentleman actually go like 'Oh, I'm on fire'," said James Clifford, who works at Planet Pizza in Norwalk.
The flames he saw in the woods behind the restaurant would change his life forever.
"I stood up there and that's when I noticed a man down in the embankment," said Clifford. Clifford and a worker from nearby Wayback Burger rushed to pull the man out – splashing water on him to put out the flames.
"His feet were tangled in vines and he was fishing," said Clifford.
The workers believe the victim is homeless and lives in the woods along the river. They think he set the fire to keep himself warm.
"It's in you – it's just human nature to act when you see someone hurting…It's just instinct," said Clifford.
Clifford says the victim was badly burned and taken to the burn unit at Bridgeport Hospital. People are calling Clifford a hero.
"It hasn't really sunk in. It happened all so fast…Just thankful he's OK," said Clifford. Clifford says first responders from Norwalk fire and police showed up immediately and tended to the victim.
"Just praying he's alright. They said he's going to make it so that's good," said Clifford. The Norwalk's Fire Marshall's Division is investigating. The Norwalk Fire Department says it commends the courage and brave efforts of the good Samaritan's in what likely saved the victims life.
There were no official updates on the victim's condition.

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