World Famous Harlem Wizards return to Darien in game vs. school staff

The Darien Blue Wave Booster Club hosted their second annual matchup between the Harlem Wizards and the Blue Wave team made up of the administration at Darien High School.
"As we emerge from a tough couple of years of restrictions on group activities, we are very happy to host the awe-inspiring Wizards face off against a talented and brave team of Darien teachers and staff in an epic throw-down…”said Geoff Garfield, president of the Blue Wave Booster Club.
Darien Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Alan Addley said, "It's just wonderful to have the community out again after what everyone has been through. To have a sense of community, to have fun and we're delight to be here. I'm usually better with my feet than my hands but it’s a wonderful afternoon."
The booster club helps support the school's athletic and student run programs and this game is the club's biggest fundraiser.
This year the club has raised $35,000 to help supplement athletic and student run programs in Darien.