9 Connecticut communities get state funding to launch microtransit pilot program

Nine communities are getting state funding to launch a microtransit pilot program.
The $20 million program will let commuters access on-demand rides simply by using a smartphone app or placing a call in designated areas.
State transportation officials say the program will be affordable, reach underserved areas, and aims to close gaps in the state's public transportation grid.
"Microtransit is bringing additional transportation services to more people. With first and last-mile connections, gaps in Connecticut's extensive public transportation system will be closed. Whether it's going to an appointment, grabbing a bite to eat, or meeting up with friends and family, Microtransit Service improves the quality of life for our residents," says Gov. Ned Lamont.
Some of these service areas will include:
  • Greater Bridgeport Transit -- Serving Trumbull
  • Milford Transit -- Serving Milford
  • Norwalk Transit District -- Serving Norwalk
  • Stamford -- Serving a five-mile boundary within the city