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Commuters complain about lack of parking spots at Stamford train station garage

Many commuters say the $100 million garage has a lack of parking spots, which has made catching their trains into New York City a hassle.

Tom Krosnowski and Rose Shannon

Mar 14, 2024, 4:23 PM

Updated 123 days ago


Commuters in Stamford tell News 12 Connecticut the new train station parking garage fills up too fast, impacting their workday.
Many say the $100 million garage has a lack of parking spots, which has made catching their trains into New York City a hassle.
Stamford native Eric Strom takes the 8:30 a.m. train to Grand Central twice a week for work. Strom says the 900-space garage was completely full by 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, forcing him to work from home.
"I just went home and worked remote, which is not ideal. I really needed to go in," says Strom.
Strom had better luck Thursday but says there were only a few sports remaining on the roof level by 9:30 a.m.
He says parking had never been issued before.
The garage opened two weeks ago.
Demolition on the old garage began this week. A portion will remain intact, and customers will still be able to park there.
Demolition is expected to take six months. During that time, Station Place will be closed to traffic with signs directing permit and daily customers to enter through Atlantic Street. Department of Transition officials say they have staff on-site with a detour map.
Strom says that message was not communicated to drivers.
"There were dozens of cars just driving around in circles, looking for a place to park earlier this week. I'm confused as to why the new one has less spots than the old garage, or if it's more, what's going on. I don't understand," says Strom.
Josh Morgan, the director of communications for the Department of Transportation, says a communication error was responsible for the early week overflow.
"Station Place, an access point that many people were used to using to enter the garage, was completely closed to through traffic, which created some confusion, admittedly, on Monday, which has since been corrected," says Morgan.
Contractors also removed equipment from the rooftop spots. The two garages combined can park 2,100 vehicles. Morgan says now that commuters can access both buildings, capacity will no longer be a concern.
"Reports that I got this morning was about 1,200 cars shared between the two garages, the majority over at the new garage, with about 850. There's more parking there today than there was last month. That was deliberate. It was designed with future growth in mind," says Morgan.
Morgan says any issues that commuters and the public faced this week have been corrected and they do not expect any issues moving forward.

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