Connecticut educators to state: Return to remote learning until safety standards are met

Connecticut educators are calling on the state to enforce uniform COVID-19 safety standards or return to remote learning.
The Board of Education Union Coalition released a "Safe and Successful Schools Now" report last month, which cited data about asymptomatic spread among children and called for statewide school safety measures to be put in place.
A petition signed by more than 14,000 people is calling for all schools to return to distance learning until those standards can be met. Connecticut Education Association President Jeff Leake says the state needs uniform standards for transparency, testing and social distancing.
Gov. Ned Lamont suggested Thursday that he would crack down on districts that don't toe the line. "I called Miguel Cordona, our commissioner of education – and if there are schools that maybe aren't taking the protocols as seriously, they are now," he said.
The coalition's report also recommends a moratorium on staff layoffs and annual standardized testing for the current school year.
The local teachers unions in the Stratford and Amity school districts are already engaging in "work to rule" protests. Those teachers are refusing to take on any extra work until the districts return to hybrid or distance learning.