Connecticut State trooper charged in 2020 deadly police-involved shooting in West Haven

A Connecticut State trooper is charged in a 2020 deadly police-involved shooting in West Haven.

News 12 Staff

Apr 20, 2022, 1:16 PM

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A Connecticut State trooper has been charged in a 2020 deadly police-involved shooting in West Haven.
Inspector General Robert J. Devlin, Jr. announced charges against Connecticut State Trooper Brian D. North.
North turned himself into police Tuesday on the charge of manslaughter in the first degree with a firearm in violation of Connecticut General Statutes § 53a-55a.
The charge arises out of the officer-involved shooting death of Mubarak Soulemane in West Haven on Jan. 15, 2020.
As News 12 reported, Soulemane was accused of leading officers on a chase from Main Avenue in Norwalk outside of the Verizon Wireless store, where police say the 19-year-old used a knife to carjack a person.
State police pursued the suspect's car on I-95 and a chase began.
The chase was caught on state traffic cameras and showed the driver colliding with other vehicles before ending up in West Haven underneath Exit 43.
Police say the driver of the stolen car also intentionally struck officers’ cruisers.
The vehicle was eventually stopped in traffic on Campbell Avenue in West Haven, about 30 miles away from where it was stolen.
State police say an altercation occurred with the suspect before officers opened fire on Soulemane. He was pronounced dead at Yale New Haven Hospital.
The Connecticut State Police Union released a statement defending North's actions which read in part,
"We are disappointed that the Inspector General has made the decision to prosecute a Trooper, who was forced to make a split-second decision during these dangerous and rapidly evolving circumstances. Trooper North was risking his own life while trying to fulfill his oath of office to protect the lives of others. Regardless of the Inspector General’s decision, we will respect the judicial process while we vigorously defend Trooper North and his actions. It is our obligation to protect Trooper North’s constitutional right to due process of law and a fair trial. We hope everyone reserves judgment until all facts are known in this case and we thank the public for their continued support of law enforcement here in Connecticut."

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