Darien Tik Tok sensation uses these budget-friendly Valentine's Day hacks

Darien Tik Tok sensation Shannon Doherty, and daughter Lala, are using these Valentine's Day hacks to celebrate on a budget.
Doherty, who is known as @athomewithshann on Tik Tok has over 1 million followers, and she says making a fun drink for Valentine's Day is the first way to celebrate on a budget
Doherty says grab a cup, dip it in frosting and then fill it with sparkling apple cider. Next, put some rock candy on it and add some cotton candy.
For the next hack, she says make a square cake and a round cake then slice the round cake in half and it makes a heart.
She says crafts are a great hack idea for Valentine's Day.
All you need is a battery-operated candle from the dollar store, and glue conversation hearts on it.
Another craft idea uses a deck of cards to create decretive garland.
Doherty says all you need is a deck of cards, a hole punch, and some ribbon and you have the sweetest Valentine's Day garland.