'Help save a life.' Narcan giveaway held in Ridgefield

A group in Ridgefield is making sure the public has access to Narcan - the life-saving antidote to an opioid overdose.
“What we want to do is distribute this as widely as possible so that people can use it in an emergency and carry it like they carry a fire extinguisher or AED in their home,” said event organizer Bob Burke.
Although the life-saving opioid antagonist is available over the counter, organizers say price and stigma are deterrents to many.
Experts said every second counts in an opioid overdose, and it takes just one push of a button to administer a dose of Naloxone that can save lives before help even arrives.
“Given the rural area of Ridgefield itself, it could take responders a little longer to show up to the site of a suspected opiate overdose. It’s better to have a dose of it than to need one and not have it,” said registered nurse Brendan Smith.
The Ridgefield Meetinghouse community center is making sure cost and accessibility aren’t issues for those who need it.
“I went in to buy some [Narcan] at a drug store recently. It’s a little bit embarrassing, and it’s expensive - it’s $41 a box. That’s why we’re giving this out and trying to make this more of a normal process,” said Burke.
Organizers say there is no target market for this. Everyone - whether they are around drugs or not - can make a difference with Narcan.
The group gave away almost 200 packages of Narcan Saturday - with more giveaways this month. Narcan will be given away for free at Ridgefield Meetinghouse over the next two Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.