Jewish women in Westport bond through social media group 

A message on a Facebook group looking for some likeminded friends sparked a group of women to come together in a Hanukkah celebration.
Charlene Zeiberg saw a Facebook post on Jewish Westport, the group started during the pandemic by Erika Brunwasser, and has since brought unity to women in the community.
“I suggested maybe having a Hannukah potluck, and I volunteered my home. I thought maybe I could have 30 to 40 people,” said Zeiberg.
Zeiberg was feeling isolated with the war and different people’s perspectives and points of view, so she decided to host a holiday event.
"I think that it felt very powerful having us all together in one room all knowing that we wanted to create a community even bigger than just Westport," said Zeiberg.
She did not expect the outreach to be so big.
“The solidarity was [really] apparent, everyone was just so incredibly thankful," Zeiberg said.  "It’s not just about Israel, but it’s about peace overall in the middle east."
Zeiberg, Carolyn Cohen and Stephanie Feingold organized a potluck dinner at the Weston Field Club on the fifth night of Hanukkah and more than 70 women attended.
She says a spirit of gratitude enveloped the room, as a candle lighting was led by Rabbi Shira Sklar with nearly 50 menorahs at the same time.
Zeiberg says people who attend the group events describe it as magical.
"I feel that I have a very strong support system here in Westport," said Zeiberg.
Organizers say the interest is so high that they will be planning future events, to find out how to help you can contact Zeiberg at