jUNe Day: Westport shows off its 'American hospitality' to guests from the United Nations

It was started in 1965 by Ruth Steinkraus Cohen, who founded UNASWCT, in observance of the signing of the UN Charter on June 26, 1945.

Jeff Derderian and Rose Shannon

Jun 29, 2024, 4:48 PM

Updated 11 days ago


jUNe Day: Westport shows off its 'American hospitality' to guests from the United Nations
Westport and the United Nations Association of Southwestern Connecticut (UNASWCT) hosted its annual jUNe Day Saturday.
Each year in June, hundreds of members of the United Nations and their families visit Westport for a day of fun and activities. The day, organizers say, is designed to welcome people to Westport and promote peace and good will.
It started back in 1965 when Ruth Steinkraus Cohen came up with the idea. She was the founder of the UNASWCT.
"We want people to feel they are welcome here in the United States of America, and the town is a small example of American hospitality," said organizer Bill Hass.
Around 170 U.N. flags are flown in town as part of the weekend event. Because of space constraints, not every county's flag can be flown.  A total of 195 member nation flags are flown outside the U.N. Headquarters in New York.
The day kicked off with a breakfast and opening ceremony with remarks from Christian Saunders, who is the United Nations undersecretary general.
About 100 people were on hand as the day kicked off holding signs saying that the UN, in their words, has been unfair and biased against the people of Israel. The protest remained peaceful.
The display of the UN flags on the bridge next to Jesup Green in Westport can be seen until Monday.

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