Local Norwalk restaurant prepares for busy day ahead of Super Bowl Sunday 

Whether you root for the Chiefs or the 49ers, one thing we can all agree on is that Super Bowl food is delicious and in high demand.
"Super Bowl is one of the biggest days for us of the year," said restaurant manager James Clifford.
Clifford, the general manager at Planet Pizza in Norwalk, said they will be preparing thousands of wings for the big game.
"Last year, we got so busy that Dave had to take his mobile truck bring it around the front, and start the fryers up, and we had the fryers in the kitchen going and the fryers in the truck going, that’s how busy we get with the wing orders," said Clifford.
The menu also varies from pizza to mozzarella sticks, onion rings, and a giant garlic bread that can be up to 6 feet long.
"It’s definitely taller than me, that’s for sure," said Clifford.
So why are these foods so popular to snack on while cheering for your favorite team?
"These are very easy foods that are pick and go, easy to clean up after, and these are the foods we really sell on the Super Bowl," said Clifford.
The store said there is still time to place an order.
 "I definitely recommend giving us a call as soon as possible because not only will it take the stress off of you, but it will allow us to be prepared as well on our end to make it easier for us," he said.