Local Uber, pizza delivery drivers feeling the pinch at the pump

As gas prices rise, people who spend most of their day behind the wheel say they are feeling the jump at the pump.
Stamford Uber driver David Pacheco says every time he drives to get gas recently the price has gone up.
"I literally filled the gas tank yesterday it was $4.09 a gallon. It's now $4.29," said Pacheco.
Pacheco says he now has to work smarter.
"You try to target your main hours of business in order to mitigate those costs of just driving around in hopes of a job," he said.
Pacheco says he may think about taking a break or start looking for other ways to make a living.
About 70% of Planet Pizza's business in Norwalk is deliveries. They say they are also feeling the hike in prices.
"Between distributors and gas, it's been tough, but we're here, we're not going nowhere. I normally fill it up but I can see like a good $10, $15 difference," said Lucas Rodrigues, at Planet Pizza.
AAA says the average price for gas in Connecticut is up to $4.35 a gallon.