Milford high school students graduate from Jonathan Law High School

The weather was lovely Monday as many high schools throughout the Connecticut area said farewell to their graduates.
Each student at Jonathan Law High School in Milford has a special story, and while the valedictorians get the spotlight, other students have remarkable journeys as well.
Anya Lucas had 10 family members cheering for her, many driving hours from the West Philadelphia area.
"Thank you for being here and coming all this way and going out of your way for me," said Lucas. "I love you."
Anya and her mom moved to the area right before COVID-19 put classes online, making the adjustment even more challenging. But she flourished, doing art, working with animals and learning Portuguese.
“I'm really proud of her, she has come a long way,” said Lydia Griffin. “My daughter has anxiety issues and she has just overcome them. I am so proud of her.”
Lucas will be working this summer before heading to college in the fall.
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