Gov. Hochul: New York City's congestion pricing plan delayed indefinitely

According to reports, Gov. Kathy Hochul fears the plan could hurt New York City's economic recovery from the pandemic.

News 12 Staff

Jun 5, 2024, 2:00 PM

Updated 10 days ago


New York City's congestion pricing has been paused indefinitely by Gov. Kathy Hochul - the plan would charge drivers who enter Manhattan below 60th Street.
According Gov. Hochul, the pause is driven by the cost of living and concerns about economic recovery.
Congestion pricing was set to take effect June 30.
Gov. Hochul held a news conference this morning to talk about the decision. Watch in the video below:
Officials say passenger and commercial vehicles will cost $15, small trucks and buses will cost $24, large trucks will cost $36, motorcycles will cost $7.50 and passengers in taxis will pay $1.25 extra for each trip.
The MTA was due to begin holding public information sessions today explaining how the long-awaited congestion pricing plan would work. These sessions have since been canceled.

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