Norwalk's first cannabis dispensary opens on Main Street

Hundreds lined up outside of Fine Fettle ahead of its opening.

Tom Krosnowski and Rose Shannon

Mar 21, 2024, 12:18 PM

Updated 119 days ago


Norwalk's first cannabis dispensary opened on Main Street Thursday.
Hundreds lined up outside of Fine Fettle ahead of its opening.
"I'm very excited, it's five minutes from my house. I pre-ordered, I'm all set. It's needed because I believe this is a town that supports dispensaries." says Norwalk resident Sheila Lipe.
"I think it's going to bring a lot of tax revenue to our town, our town needs it, so I think it's great," says Norwalk resident Brad Kerner.
However back in October, residents voiced their opposition over a dispensary opening during a city forum. Community members said they were concerned that the rate of cannabis use among the city's youth would increase.
State law allows recreational use of marijuana for anyone over 21.
Fine Fettle's staff tells News 12 Connecticut they do not see underage use as an issue because they check identification before they let people into the store. Staff also say the city has been mostly welcoming to their business.
"It takes a while to get that stigma away. Recreational being here for over a year, we can already see improvements as far as being easy to enter, and not so much red tape as we try to open." says Ryan Green, Fine Fettle's regional manager.
Green says the shop features something for everyone. Employees can tailor custom orders for each shopper as well.
"Our pre-packed eighths from the five growers in the states, a variety of chocolate, drink infusers, gummies, we have both pre-rolled packs and individual pre-rolls," says Green.
Kerner say so far, he is pleased with Fine Fettle's customer service.
"Everyone was super nice, really knowledgeable, I had a few questions, they taught me some things. I thought it was a real good, easy experience," says Kerner.

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