Officer on leave, internal affairs probe launched as result of Julie Minogue murder case

Officials in Milford say a police officer has been placed on administrative leave amid an internal affairs investigation into the events leading to the killing of Julie Minogue.
The investigation is looking into why an officer did not resubmit an arrest warrant for Ewen Dewitt, the suspect charged with murdering Minogue.
Police say Dewitt had a history of violence with Minogue, who had a protective order against him. Minogue filed a complaint against Dewitt for sending her over 200 text messages from Nov. 12-14 - in violation of the order.
Police said an officer submitted an arrest warrant to the court on charges of harassment and violation of a protective order but that the state's attorney's office sent the warrant back requesting more information. In a statement today, police said that officer had an obligation to gather that information in a timely matter.
Minogue was found Dec. 6 in a pool of blood with an ax nearby, authorities say. Police had said Minogue's son found his mother on the floor and Dewitt nearby holding the ax.