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Police: Chilean man arrested in Greenwich jewelry theft is part of 'tourist burglars' group

The group is believed to be responsible for nearly all of the burglaries in town.

Tom Krosnowski, Emily Knapton and Rose Shannon

Jan 26, 2024, 5:52 PM

Updated 171 days ago


Greenwich police say the Chilean man arrested in a May 2022 jewelry theft is part of criminals involved in an international burglary ring.
Stefano Roberto Cortes Munoz, 30, is part of a group police call "tourist burglars."
Police say the suspects enter the United States, commit burglaries across state lines and return abroad.
"They're highly organized. A lot of them are interconnected with different networks. Their main thing that they go after is high-end jewelry, they go across the country, and they try to sell in various places," says Capt. Eric Scorca.
The group is believed to be responsible for nearly all of the burglaries in town.
"A majority of our burglaries are committed by members of the South American Theft Group. This has been going on for several years back now," says Scorca.
Police say Cortes Munoz was extradited from West Virginia last week.
He is charged with larceny and burglary for allegedly breaking into a home on Indian Head Road and stealing $1.5 million worth of jewelry.
Cortes Munoz is being held a $2.5 million bond.
He is due in court the first week of February.
Authorities say more arrests are expected.
Two others are facing conspiracy charges, but their whereabouts are unknown.
Scorca says home security measures can make a difference.
"A lot of times, these burglaries will be foiled if the homeowner sees their alarm go off or their camera go off, and they recognize somebody that's not supposed to be on their property. We respond immediately, and this will deter them and they'll flee," says Scorca.
He is advises homeowners to lock their windows and doors, along with leave the lights on when away.

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