Police: Danbury man charged with sexual assault was a middle school teacher

A Danbury couple is behind bars and charged with the sexual assault of children. Police say one of the suspects was a middle school teacher.
Danbury police say there were two victims that were allegedly sexually assaulted by Kenneth Gardner and his wife Lisa, both 51, for years dating back to 2003. It wasn't until recently that one of those victims came forward.
Police say the Gardners were arrested last week by members of Danbury police and Homeland Security following an investigation that started in September.
"That led to search warrants being granted and executed in December," said Detective Lt. Mark Williams, with Danbury police.
Kenneth Gardner has a list of sexual assault charges that include five counts of incest. His wife Lisa is facing conspiracy to commit sexual assault and criminal liability charges.
Police say Kenneth Gardner's charges stem from alleged incidents that may have started 20 years ago.
"Oftentimes when we have sexual abuse cases, they're usually delayed disclosures. Sometimes days, weeks, months, and in this case, years," said Williams.
Danbury police confirm that Kenneth Gardner was a sixth-grade science teacher at Broadview Middle School but resigned in February. Police say no children at the school were victimized.
Police say the details of sexual assault cases like this one can be hard for anyone to process.
"They're very difficult and they're very damaging to our victims and so yes, our heart goes out to all of our victims," said Williams.
Police believe one of the victims is now an adult.
Court documents in this case are sealed until at least June 15.
The Gardners are due back in court later this month
News 12 Connecticut contacted Danbury Public Schools for comment but did not hear back.