Police drone video captures rescue of woman following hours long standoff on top of Shippan home roof

News 12 Connecticut was at the scene of the incident as it unfolded over the course of almost six hours.

News 12 Staff

Jul 14, 2023, 11:14 PM

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Stamford police unveiled drone video Friday that captured first responders rescuing a woman who was on the roof of a Shippan home.
The woman was on the roof of the three-story residence for hours after the homeowner said she broke in early Wednesday afternoon.
News 12 Connecticut was at the scene of the incident as it unfolded over the course of almost six hours.
Police say the situation began around 1 p.m. when officers from the Stamford Police Department’s Patrol division were called to Saddle Rock Road home for a disturbance.
The homeowner told News 12 Connecticut an unknown woman had come into the house through an unlocked door and started screaming at him.
Police said when officers arrived, the woman then fled upstairs.
The officers made several attempts to have the woman come back off of the roof through a balcony to no avail.
They called in the department's hostage negotiation team and behavioral health unit along with the fire department.
Police said they tried talking her down for hours, but it did not work.
The officers began making progress after hours of dialogue on the extremely hot roof.
Police then deployed the drone that recorded the incident to assess the situation and to provide situational awareness to negotiators.
The woman was sitting on the roof as officers and firefighter scaled it from different sides.
One approached her with a bottle of water.
She stood up, moved to the very top of the roof, and then appeared to begin bending over.
Meanwhile, a group of firefighters were in the bucket of a fire truck behind her.
Two of them quickly walked out and grabbed her.
The other first responders on the roof then helped get her down safely at around 6:40 p.m.
Once in custody, the woman was taken to the Stamford Hospital Emergency Room to be evaluated.
There was no word from police on the woman's condition or if she will face charges.
Mayor Caroline Simmons praised the officers and firefighters for their efforts.
“I want to commend the men and women of the Stamford Police Department, Fire Department, and EMS for their collaborative work on this remarkable rescue,” Simmons said. “Thanks to their efforts, a life was saved, and this incident underscores the incredible commitment and professionalism of all our first responders.”

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