Police: Man charged with manslaughter; siblings arrested in connection to Stamford road rage incident

Emanuel Matias was brought down and arrested for manslaughter Wednesday. He's been in custody since last month when he was charged with assault on an elderly person.

News 12 Staff

Dec 8, 2021, 4:58 PM

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Police say one person has been charged with manslaughter and a brother and sister have been arrested, all in connection with a road rage incident in Stamford.
Emanuel Matias was arrested for manslaughter Wednesday. He's been in custody since Nov. 17 when he was charged with assault on an elderly person.
That's when police say a traffic collision on Cold Spring Road led to a confrontation with another driver - Michael Gentile.
Police say Matias punched Gentile, once in the face, causing him to fall and hit his head on the ground. The 71-year-old later died at the hospital.
"Investigators continued to work on the investigation, developed additional evidence and put forth an arrest warrant that was signed for the charge of manslaughter," said Stamford Police Lt. Tom Scanlon.
News 12 learned Wednesday Matias' brother and sister were in the car with him on the day this happened. They were taken into custody at the courthouse when they showed up Wednesday morning for their brother's hearing.
Alejandro Ovalles and Samantha Ovalles are charged with breach of peace. The former faces an additional charge of criminal attempt at criminal mischief.
Court documents show they told police Gentile cut them off with his truck and damaged their car's front bumper.
Witnesses say all three got out and began screaming at Gentile to get out of his truck.
Matias and his brother are accused of also punching the windows. One witness described their behavior as "animalistic."
In initial comments when police arrived on scene, Matias said, "I punched him in the face, he literally tried to run us off the road."
The warrant says police also heard Alejandro Ovalles yell at a bystander "You crash someone, you get knocked out."
Matias added, "I feel bad but the guy literally tried to hit me and then he was reaching for something in his car, I literally just hit the guy in self-defense."
Samantha Ovalles also told police Gentile charged at her brother.
"That information has been dispelled through the investigator's work," said Scanlon.
The warrant includes witness statements and footage from multiple security cameras and cell phones. After reviewing one video, police wrote "it was observed that just before being struck by Matias, Gentile is standing in between both vehicles with his arms down to his side in what appears to be a non-aggressive posture."

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