Principal, teacher deliver powerful speech about safety at Bridgeport middle school graduation

Amid a string of violence this week, a teacher and a principal delivered a powerful message at a middle school graduation Thursday about the importance of Bridgeport children learning to keep themselves safe.
The happy ceremony for Waltersville School was filled with smiling parents, teachers and students just days after a series of violence left three Bridgeport residents dead and the city reeling.
That's why principal Carmen Ortiz, along with teacher Mary McBride Lee, shared a powerful message about making sure kids know that while police and parents can protect them, it's ultimately up to the kids themselves to make good decisions to keep themselves safe.
McBride says she's attended the funerals of victims whom she taught as young children.
Ortiz says with so much at stake, she hopes every last one of the graduates will make good decisions for the sake of this entire community.