Sacred Heart to honor inaugural women's basketball team

On the heels of the best season in school history, the Sacred Heart Women's basketball program will celebrate its 50th anniversary this weekend.
Members of the school's first female varsity sports team from 1974 are set to be honored at Saturday afternoon's game in the Pitt Center as part of the school's third annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day.
Pioneers head coach Jess Mannetti says it's all about creating a domino effect of empowerment and support for women of all ages.
"They want to feel supported in all their ambitions and dreams, and if we can be a small part of that the way these women were for us, we've come full circle, and the sky can be the limit for any little girl who has a dream one day," says Mannetti.
Tip off for Saturday's game is set for 2 p.m.
The school is trying to get as many alumni there as possible, and there will be free admission for young women.