The Real Deal: A road trip could be better for your wallet as gas prices lower in Connecticut

Do you need a getaway, but a plane ticket is too expensive right now?
A road trip may be better for your wallet. News 12’s Alexa Farrell checked in with a travel agent on where you should venture to.
"We are really fortunate Connecticut is such a centralized location that we can go anywhere - we can go north, south and we are right on the corridor of 95 so we can hop on a main highway," says Here To The Moon Travel owner Michele Dreiding.
If you are worried about filling up your tank, Caleb Silver, of Investopedia, has some good news.
"Inflation has slowed meaningfully in Connecticut and New England, especially if you look at gasoline prices. Motor fuel alone is down 27.8% year over year. That's a big driver of those lower prices," he says.