The Real Deal: How to cut costs on makeup without sacrificing the look

It's easy to drop hundreds of dollars at the makeup counter, but what if you shopped differently?
News 12 Consumer Reporter Janice Lieberman has the Real Deal on how to cut the costs without sacrificing the look.
We challenged a spa owner and makeup artist to do a full face for under $50.
Devra Bader shopped the drug store to do a makeover on her client Carmen Velazquez, selecting the right colors and consistency was not an easy task.
Want tips on how to make your makeup last? Watch the video below:
However, Bader did find foundation, eye shadow, blush and lip balm for under $50.
Her best advice?
“Spend some time. Don't rush through it. Don't go for the first thing that you see. Walk through the aisles, go back and forth, kind of compare ingredients,” says Bader.
Bader says to choose a palette that can work for your eyes and cheek. She also says spending a lot on mascara is a waste.
Don't forget brushes are an added expense, you can get three of them for less than $15 - just make sure to wash them to make them last.