UConn president, Gov. Lamont hope a win Monday could bring big things to the university

Gov. Lamont says the atmosphere at the Final Four is electric and he is seeing tons of UConn fans at the game.

Mark Sudol

Apr 3, 2023, 4:12 PM

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As the Huskies get ready for Monday night's big game in Houston, two big names in the state will be there watching. Gov. Ned Lamont and University of Connecticut President Radenka Maric will be at the NCAA Championship, and they say they hope a win will be a big boost to the university and the state.
A win against San Diego State University would be the fifth national title since 1999 and first since 2014.
"It has been amazing. I am so proud of our men's basketball team and everything that they accomplished," said Maric.
Maric took a selfie with the governor this weekend at the Final Four in Houston.
They watched the Huskies Saturday night in their 72-59 win over Miami in the national semifinals.
Lamont says a win for the Huskies is a big shot in the arm for the school.
"It's not every day that UConn is on the tip of people's tongues all over the country and beyond, so I think you're going to see a big boost in people believing in this great institution. I think you'll see more donations, more applications," said Lamont.
Maric is banking on it, especially since she led the charge at the Capitol as UConn made its case for at least $160 million more than Lamont pitched in his budget in early February. UConn may need to rely on its national reputation.
"People come to UConn because of great academics but because also a great athletics program," said Maric.
"Go Huskies" may have added meaning tonight.
The governor says he and UConn did not come to any compromise this weekend on the budget. He says he's making a friendly wager with California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Lamont says if San Diego State loses, California should give Connecticut Baha, California and if UConn loses, he'll give Newsom a barrel of Nutmeg.

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