Want to save some money? Stop these habits that could be costing you

There are small, mindless habits that could be costing you. Here are some you could stop to help you save.

Sandrina Rodrigues

Sep 8, 2023, 8:30 AM

Updated 310 days ago


When it comes to tightening our budgets and getting more money-conscious, we often look to big items to save more. 
But there are small, mindless habits that could be costing you. Here are some you could stop to help you save:

1. Tossing out leftovers

Whether it’s after a great dinner out or because you cooked a bit more than you could eat in one night, many choose to toss their leftovers. Repurpose your leftovers as a tasty side, use them to supplement a salad, pasta, stir fry, or for a quick snack. This can stretch your budget, and cut down on food waste.
And consider composting - it can save you money, help gardens and save the planet. Here are 10 tips to get you started.

2. Opting for brand-name products

It’s usually by habit that you reach for the brand-name products at your local grocery store. Sometimes, it’s necessary and the brand-name product is truly the superior one. However, in many cases, going for the generic or store-brand (and often, less expensive) item will have no real impact. Same great product, for a bit less! Next time you go to the store, do some research about the generic brands. CLICK HERE for a list of the items to consider when grocery shopping.  

3. Paying your credit card bill late

It’s easy to forget a credit card payment here or there, but those costs can add up quickly! Many credit card companies will charge between $25 and $35 per late payment. Consider setting up reminders, auto-payment or switching your payment date to a more easily remembered date. 

4. Overdrawing your checking account

While the amount varies from bank to bank, nationwide average cost of an overdraft fee is $34. Monitor your checking account on a regular basis to make sure you’re not withdrawing too much money.

5. Neglecting your car

How often do you notice that it could be time for a routine check, oil change, or tire inflation? And, how often do you put off doing those quick checks for a later date? Skipping out on routine car checks can be detrimental to your car and end up costing you in the long run if the issue grows into one that costs you some serious cash. 

6. Bad driving habits

Regardless of the car you drive, there are tricks you can use that will help you save gas. According to State Farm, good driving habits contribute to better fuel economy, which saves money and helps the planet, too.

7. Unnecessarily running your heat or AC

When the temperatures reach high or low numbers, there’s no choice but to turn on your air conditioning or heat. Yet, many households mistakenly keep their heat or AC going as temperatures level out, running up their bills unnecessarily.

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