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Amazon drivers picket outside warehouse, block trucks from leaving facility in Windsor

Protesters complained of low wages and dangerous working conditions.

Nicole Alarcon Soares

Jun 27, 2024, 1:43 AM

Updated 20 days ago


Amazon workers rallied on Wednesday by blocking Amazon delivery trucks from leaving the state's biggest Amazon warehouse in Windsor.
Drivers represented by Teamsters Local 396 in Palmdale, California picketed for hours in front of the Amazon facility.
They complained of low wages and dangerous working conditions.
Workers said the protest was a show of solidarity and determination to get fair and equal treatment.
"Our main goal is to have Amazon recognize us drivers since we wear their uniforms, we drive their trucks. To recognize us as direct employees, their direct employees,” said Deion Steppes, a former Amazon worker.
"We want to show Justice for the drivers, we want to show justice for the warehouse workers; these guys are way underpaid,” said Tony Lepore, the union official.
Protesters told News 12 that the only way to make their voices heard was to interrupt the flow of Amazon deliveries.
"The Teamsters are being intentionally misleading, and their claims are not true. This gathering didn’t include Amazon employees, and the DSP they mention in California was terminated for unsafe behavior over a year ago, and before it joined the Teamsters,” said Amazon officials in a statement to News12.

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