Chef's Quick Tip: Chile marinated mushroom tacos

This week, Chef Joshua Smith from Alltown shows Tina Redwine how to make chile marinated mushroom tacos.
Grilled Chili Marinated Mushroom Tacos
8 Each Portobello Mushroom, cleaned
¼ Cup Pasilla Chili Paste
½ Lb Tomatillos, halved
½ Each Jalapeno
1 tsp Kosher Salt
¼ Cup Chopped Spanish Onion
4 Ea Corn Tortilla
2 Tbls Chopped Spanish Onion
1 Tbls Chopped Cilantro
1. Add Tomatillo, Jalapeno, Lime Juice and Salt to a Blender and Blend on High for 1 minute. Fold in Small Diced Spanish Onion to Mix. Taste for Seasoning. Reserve Salsa to the side.
2. Rub Cleaned Portabello Mushrooms with Chili Paste and Salt.
3. Grill Mushrooms whole over Medium/High Heat for 3 minutes each side. Once grilled, allow to rest on rack above heat source for 3 minutes until Mushrooms are tender.
4. Slice Mushrooms. Toast the Tortilla over the grill for 5 seconds each side, fill with grilled mushrooms. Serve with tomatillo salsa.