Chef's Quick Tip: Fried Rice

This week, Chef Mo Major of The Lila Rose shows Tina Redwine how to make fried rice. 
Fried Rice
Jasmine Rice (cooked) 2 cups
Peas and Carrot 1/2cup
Bean Sprouts 1/2 ounce
Egg 1
Butter 1 ounce
Vegetable oil 1 ounce split.
Soy Sauce 6 ounces
Toasted sesame oil 2 ounces
Mirin. 2 ounces
Sugar 1 tablespoon
(Mix all together thoroughly)
Fry egg to a scramble over medium heat on plancha. Set aside
Use Remaining vegetable oil and sauté peas, carrots and bean sprouts for 1 min
Add rice and mix thoroughly with vegetable for 30 seconds add scrambled egg and toss for additional 30 seconds.
Pour sauce over rice add butter, mix evenly. Once butter is fully melted scoop and serve.
Scallion for garnish.