Chef's Quick Tip: Healthy lunch box ideas

This week Chef Inga Voloshin, a Registered Dietician from Grade A Cingari ShopRite shows Tina Redwine how to make a healthy lunch box.
How to pack a healthy lunchbox that your kid will actually enjoy. Here's a tip for enhancing nutritional quality of lunch, and balancing the meal including some some cute, fun, seasonal kid foods.
Franken toast: 1 slice whole grain toast or whole grain rectangular toast (like larger melba toast or Wasa cracker), ¼ ripe avocado mashed with 1 tsp lime juice or prepared guacamole/mashed avocado, 4-5 blue corn tortilla chips, 1 tsp plain greek yogurt, 2 sliced black olives, 1 strip red bell pepper
Clementine Pumpkin: 1 clementine peeled, 1 small piece celery, 2 mini chocolate chips.