Chef's Quick Tip: Hot cocoa bomb

This week, Pastry Chef Susanne Berne of Sweet Brioche Artisan Pastries  in Trumbull, Connecticut shows Tina Redwine how to make hot cocoa bombs. 
Melted tempered bittersweet chocolate
Hot cocoa mix
Marshmallows or crushed peppermint for filling
Food safe mold
Pastry brush
Paring knife
Rubber spatula
Glasses or cupcake wrapper for holding bombs
Double boiler for tempering the chocolate
Temper (melt) the chocolate (up to 92 degrees)
Brush a thin layer of the chocolate on the inside of the mold
Put the mold in the freezer for faster hardening
Once hard, use a spatula to gently remove the chocolate from the mold and place on a cupcake liner or glass
Fill the inside of the bomb with hot cocoa mix and marshmallows
Dip an empty chocolate shell in the tempered chocolate and immediately place on top of the filled half (the chocolate will serve as glue)
Once dry, decorate the bombs as desired (chocolate, sprinkles, etc)