Chef's Quick Tip: Royal icing sugar cookies

Dipped Royal Icing Sugar Cookies
This week, Chef Casey Hallen of Casey H Bakes, shows Tina Redwine how to make royal icing sugar cookies.


    Favorite sugar cookie dough from scratch or pre-made, cut baked and cooled 
    Royal Icing (from scratch or pre-made)
    Gel Food Colorings
    Sprinkles or edible glitter (optional)


    1. Split your icing into a few different bowls and mix in your food colorings to each bowl.
    2. Take a plate and spoon out your royal icing colors in whatever pattern you want -- this is your chance to have some fun!
    3. Take your cookie and dip into the icing straight down so one entire surface gets coated in the icing. 
    4. Flip and place on a flat surface.
    5. While it's still wet, add some sprinkles or edible glitter. z
    6. Let dry. Sugar cookies will keep in an airtight container for about two weeks at room temperature, or freeze to keep for up to three months! Make sure to place them in the fridge overnight to thaw to help avoid condensation on your cookies.