Police: Juvenile charged in 3 hoax threats called in to Norwalk HS

A juvenile is facing charges after police say the minor called in three threats to Norwalk High School.
Police say the minor faces charges of threatening and breach of peace after three phony threats that placed Norwalk High School on lockdown over the past two weeks.
"Who was responsible for these acts has been identified and now we can continue to move forward in supporting our children," said Superintendent Dr. Alexandra Estrella.
Last Wednesday, the high school was evacuated after an anonymous bomb threat. It was locked down again on Friday. The school was placed on lockdown this Wednesday for a third time for two separate weapons threats.
"It was definitely a hoax, there was really never any real threat to anyone here," says Chief Tom Kulhawik.
Kulhawik says the suspect's only motive seems to have been sowing some chaos.
"Just to cause what was caused, and to see the outcome and to watch the turmoil that it created," says Kulhawik.
Threats, or fears of them, have recently disrupted schools in GreenwichFairfield, Stratford, Trumbull, Hamden, New Haven, Vernon and Farmington.
Child psychologists and state officials agree this bad behavior is a symptom of an ongoing youth mental health crisis that's been made worse by the pandemic.
"COVID has had a harmful impact on all, not just kids. And kids live in the context of their family and their community," said William Carbone, of the Tow Youth Justice Institute.
Carbone says the state needs to do more to reach out to youth in crisis.
"There ought to be a much more direct way to get children the support they need, but there's clearly a shortage of mental health services for children in our state," said Carbone.
Norwalk police say the suspect likely didn't know how serious the crime was until the FBI was involved in the investigation.
That juvenile suspect is facing threatening, breach of peace and conspiracy charges.
Police say they had help disguising their online identity from an accomplice overseas.