Local nonprofit puts the spotlight on women for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pinkaid, a nonprofit organization, helps those fighting breast cancer with assistance and support by hosting fashion events.
This year, Pinkaid hosted Connecticut's 13th annual luncheon and fashion show in Westport, with the theme being Pink Land, a world of compassion.
Jill Halper, co-chair of Pinkaid Warrior Fashion Show, says the organization is proud of all the survivors and those who continue their battle against breast cancer.
Organizers said the runaway gives a chance to empower each survivor and fighters like Emily Kane and Amanda Meltzer, two best friends who bonded.
The two friends met when Kane had wrapped up her fight against breast cancer, and Meltzer had recently been diagnosed.
"I was someone of a similar age who she could speak to about her experiences, and we've been breast friends ever since," said Kane.
Meltzer and Kane chat and listen to stories of others who fought the same fight.
"She knows what I'm going through so deeply. So, I'm lucky to have her," said Meltzer.
Together, and with the help of foundations like Pinkaid, they're finding a silver lining.