New storyboards added to Stamford Veteran’s Park

Stamford Veterans Park Partnership unveiled three storyboards around Veterans Park last week.
Board members said Stamford has been working to revitalize its Veterans Park for many years and these storyboards are the first phase to their new storytelling.
"They give the history of Stamford and the relationship of this location and the veterans in town and what they've done for the community," said Patricia Parry, a board member for SVPP.
This may be the newest edition, but they've put a lot of care and effort into improving the park.
"This park was not all that it could have and should have been but we're getting there,” said Rick Redniss, president of SVPP.
Notable additions to the park include vibrant greenery and memorial stones -- all to celebrate and remember veterans.
"They signed the check that said payable upon death,” Parry said. “And they'll pay with their lives if they have to.”
Parry is a Gold Star mother -- her son was a Navy SEAL who was killed in 2011. The goal of the project is to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country. She said it meant the world to her.
"Paying tribute to them is really what life is about,” Parry said.
The next phase will be interactive and allow people to use their phones to scan kiosks.
"Year round and it can also be a spot where people can learn, reflect and remember,” Redniss said.