Police seek group caught on video stealing over $1K worth of detergent, paper goods from Market 32

Video of a brazen theft at a Connecticut grocery store has gone viral as police work to track down the suspects.
It's believed it's not the first time they've struck.
Footage posted to social media is the talk of town - and it has now gotten national attention. Connecticut State Police say the video shows four people stealing shopping carts full of items from Market 32 in Oxford around 6:40 a.m. Tuesday.
Cellphone video captures them loading up two waiting cars parked in the fire lane and then speeding off with $1,600 worth of goods.
The cars didn't have license plates, and police say they were likely stolen.
Police say no one ever dialed 911 when the crime was happening. They were alerted about 10 minutes later through a call to their routine line, leaving plenty of time for the thieves to get away.
"We encourage the public to not intervene, just to call 911 and just get as much information as possible," said Sgt. John Acampora.
Acampora says this group is believed to be responsible for at least a dozen thefts like this one at other stores across Connecticut and the Northeast.
"They've stolen similar items such as paper goods and laundry detergent. We've seen them steal meats and fish," said Acampora.
Acampora says state police are working with multiple law enforcement agencies, which has led officers to recover the minivan this morning and tentatively identify two male suspects.
"We're information sharing, and multiple arrest warrants will be forthcoming for these individuals," said Acampora.
Police believe the thieves might be selling these mass amounts of stolen goods on social media and in their communities.